Experience Nevada Movie Project "Becoming the Heartbeat"


You heard right! Currently in the works is a movie surrounded by good old Nevada, Missouri! Actually it is more of a documentary centralized around the question of “why do you live where you do?”, and is aimed at inspiring people across the nation to investigate their passion where they live.


Movie Synopsis:


Have you ever wondered why that you live where you do? Most people have thought about this question more than just a few times in their lives. Of course there are that small percent of folks that know exactly why they live where they do. Some of these enlightened people are happy at their current situation and location; some are not. It is never a surprise to find someone living where they work, where they go to school, or even where they grew up. But why are you living where you do? It's not always a simple answer, or as easy as one would think could clearly be defined.


In southwestern Missouri there is a town called Nevada. It is spelled like the state of Nevada, but pronounced nuh vay duh. The city name has a pronunciation complication for its first conflict. Then, the second conflict being that the city was burned down during the Civil War. The city is currently, of course, not really affected by these two discrepancies, though you can clearly see that it has not always been a perfect go. Like the thoughts you might have of your current hometown, the people of this city feel mixed emotions of why they live here.


Sounds great right? Of course a movie surrounded by Nevada would be great for our community, but these kinds of projects take lots to produce so here are a few ways that you can be a part of the project:


*Sponsor a 15 second product place ad for your business, public figure, landmark, etc.


*Audition to be part of the cast! (Contact us via the Experience Nevada Missouri Facebook page or email at thedougharper@facebook.com)


*Place an advertisement/coupon in the official soundtrack CD jacket or DVD box!


*Become a Street Team Member and help promote the project on line and in your area!


*Become part of the Casting Team by viewing the Nevada Missouri Movie Project YouTube videos, and then post comments on the people whom you think should be in the movie!


*Visit www.ExperienceNevadaMo.com and click on Movie Project and stay current on the developments and keep us posted with your comments, and suggestions!


*Attend all related events promoted through the website, and of course purchase the soundtrack as soon as it becomes available!






15 Second Product Placement Ad 


This will be our major form of funding to make this project possible and it is good for you too! In Hollywood the same type of funding is used to make major motion pictures, so for our project thier will be no difference. The only exception is that you CAN be a part of our project as we have handpicked you because we feel strongly that this would benefit you! It’s very simple how it works the cost is $1,000 for your entity, product, public figure, organization, store, etc. to be place in the movie in an appropriate place for no less than 15 seconds. This gives the audience just the right amount of time to take notice and for it not to be overtly an advertisement. This type of advertising builds strong credibility, and will be remembered long after the movie is over. Here is how it is made easy so anyone can participate.


The movie project will take just over one year to reach completion, and has already required funds to move forward in every stage of the process. We are currently in phase one and it will take four more phases to complete the production, and then three more stages for the distribution, marketing, and theater tour of the movie. We cannot give an exact amount of exposure you will get from being in this movie but it will be viewed many, may, may times over a two year period for its big window, and then will be viewed again, and again for years to come.


BIG WINDOW projected base (this is what we anticipate to be the very fewest viewers) views:


The Movie will play in at least 40 theaters with at least 200 viewers in each theater this will be one theater in each state in the continental USA. Then, we will shoot for at least 15 theaters in the state of Missouri. This all adds up to 55 theaters to play the movie at 200 viewers at each theater. The total: 11,000 minimum viewers in theaters alone.


When the product becomes available on DVD, it will then be produced 5,000 times with 500 being donated to the local Historical Society to sell, and the others distributed to retailers, e-tailors, and also sold digital throughout the world. At an average of five viewers per DVD this equals a total of 25,000 views just for the DVD, and we are not counting the potential digital views through services like Netflix, iTunes. Etc.


So far we have a minimum of 36,000 viewers, WOW! There will be tons more as the years go on!


It’s simple how to pay for such a thing:


Phase two starts  - $150


Phase three starts  - $283.33


Phase four starts  - $283.33


Phase five starts  - $283.33




This breakdown makes it easy and affordable for anyone to participate! At an average of only 2.7 cents per person! This is the base reach; actually you will reach more potential consumers!

 Be a Street Team or Casting Team Member


To volunteer to be a part of one of these teams you can join online at www.ExperienceNevadaMo.com






Inside Soundtrack CD Jacket and DVD box Advertisements


Full color business card size Only CD, or DVD jacket ad $400 (paid in full up front)


Full color, full page CD jacket ad $700 (paid in full up front)


Full color, full Page DVD jacket ad $900 (paid in two installments of $450)


Full color half page DVD jacket ad $450 (paid in full up front)




More Information or for Custom Advertising


Contact Doug Harper at 417-684-1732 or via email at theDougHarper@facebook.com


Visit www.ExperienceNevadaMo.com and click the movie project tab!




Thanks for your time and consideration!


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