Eva BowringUnited States Senator for Nebraska

Patricia Breckenridge – current Associate Justice of Supreme Court of Missouri

Frank Buckles – America's last surviving World War I veteran when he died in 2011. Buckles attended elementary and high school in Nevada.

Patrick Brophy - Historian and Author

Forrest DeBernardi – member of the Basketball Hall of Fame

John Huston – actor, director, and producer (born there)

JD Kehrman - Current City Manager - Click for Biography

Brian Leonard - Current City Mayor and City Council Member - www.NevadaMo.org 

Frank James – guerrilla and outlaw, brother of Jesse James

Brent Mendenhall - Actor, George W. Bush Impersonator (current resident)

Joshua Person – subject of the novel Generation Kill and HBO miniseries Generation Kill (TV Series)

Bill Phelps – former lieutenant governor of Missouri

Sue Thompson – Country and pop singer, born Eva Sue McKee


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