Where are we again? Nevada? Yes, that is the place that we dwell. It is the place that we surround ourselves in. Not unlike Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville, and those other pocket music scene cities that have a rising awareness, and an outpouring of musicians and bands, Nevada has became just that. According to a compilation of statistics on the Internet mostly collected though Google, Nevada Missouri is the fourth largest music scene, per capita, in the state. It's hard to believe when you just go out walking around, but a very true statement indeed. Nevada has been the home to more than a handful of so called "Famous" musicians, as well as many successful regional touring, and another handful of national touring acts coming right out of our little music Mecca. Get excited folks because it's all coming to a venue near you, right here in your own neighborhood! Now You can sample that music for FREE by taking advatage of the FREE local artist and band downloads on the right side of the page! Download as many as you would like all for FREE. Enjoy!

If you are a band and would like to be featured you first must have or will play in the Nevada Missouri area, and second you must e-mail us your download. Third agree to us letting people download it for free without having to pay any type of royalties for it. Finally it must be an original song that you own or control the right to perform, record, and/or distribute. If you agree to all of this send your bands mp3 files to localear@yahoo.com with a note including your band name and the song title! Please note it may take us up to 48 hours to get it up on the page.

Dangerous_Doug_Harper-Living_Out_Your_Dreams.mp3 Dangerous_Doug_Harper-Living_Out_Your_Dreams.mp3
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