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Thursday, Friday and Saturday September 15, 16, and 17, 2011 gets BIG for Nevada Missouri!

The community is embracing these three days, September 15,16, and 17, city wide across Nevada, Missouri, by an un-contested vote of participation and declaring it the “City Wide Shopping Days”. The most exciting part is that this BIG event “City Wide Shopping Day” will not be the only BIG event in town that day! It is a real chance to “EXPERIENCE Nevada Missouri to its full potential and experience SHOPPING, DINING, ART, and ENTERTAINMENT all across the great city of Nevada, Missouri! Area folks are gearing up for the three-day event and nearly forty area businesses and venues are predicted to participate!

So much is happening that day and there are many businesses that are Official Sponsors of the MAIN EVENT: website launch! The website launch will be at 8 PM on Saturday September 17, but of course the page will be up and running until then also as a pilot page while it’s still under construction. There may be other great things going on in the city that day also that will shadow the event so make sure to check the local newspaper, and listen in to the local radio for more information from area businesses and their events for that weekend as well! Also you will be able to get your Official Map to help you Experience those days a little bit more by picking up a FREE map at one of the area Cash n' Dash Stores, and again watch the daily and weekly newspapers for more details as they unfold!

Why a need for City Wide Shopping Days? Simply because the excitement level was so overwhelming at the last event in April that it inspired the launch of the new website and a strong 72% of the attendance were coming in from out of town. A carload of fans for the main concert event last time were from as far away as the state of Texas. Also in attendance were approximately twenty two attendees from Springfield, seven from Stockton, four from Joplin Missouri, three from St Joseph, about fourteen from surrounding Vernon County areas, two from Fort Scott Kansas, and seven from the Kansas City area. The concert event hosted a grand total of sixty-two concert attendees, with another 34 crew, band members, or event volunteers, rounding the event out a right at one hundred folks attending the concert. The Shopping Day event ended with cars waiting for oil changes at Eddie’s Auto, and the Night Life events went over very well. Backroads Steakhouse hosted one hundred and forty fans of Shaded Abe and Withird-I, Viking 502 hosted Recoil band with two hundred and forty five patrons, and the official after party with Sabik and Fraught with Peril band was at max capacity all night long. The estimated shopper showing for the day was two hundred and eighty nine. Shopping Day Sponsors included: Boomer’s Roadhouse, Tony Karns, Sonic, Cherry Street Grill, Art Shop, Nevada Tourism, Wilkinson’s Pharmacy, Rinehart Jewelry, Chair Mart Showcase, Jim’s Appliance, Armadillo Sound Studio, Jenny’s California Café, T&T Signs, Cavener’s, Hertzberg Furniture Company, Sun Loan & Tax Service, Cash n’ Dash, Nevada Daily Mail, Eddie’s Auto, Delway, Nine Patch Quilts & Fabrics, Interior Motives, Belles & Beaus, Viking 502 Wild Whiskey, Backroads Steakhouse, Iguana Azul, Hairy Frog Grafix, Hutchison Hardware! We hope to see you all involved again this year!

For more information visit or contact Doug Harper by phone at 417.684.1732, by email at, or



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