Nevada Missouri in a Nut Shell


About 8,600 people live inside the Nevada City limits. There are somewhere in the area of 3,000 families, and then a bunch of single people, and old people too. There are not as many kids as you would think, and there are more than the average town would have with people living with assisted care in homes or in institutions such as nursing homes, or hospitals. Nevada is not a bad place to be. Good schools, lots of parks, and a great community center! It often seems to the average citizen that there is not a lot to due, but actually there are lots of opportunities if you just look a little bit harder, and you might be surprised what you may find. Video games on big screen TV’s at the community center. A great track to jog or walk on that anyone is welcome to use when the school in not using it. Lots of baseball through the summer, and many little festivals at the little towns surrounding the area! It is already is sounding better than you thought right? Not to mention the water park, golf course, the skate park, hiking and walking trails, and the Frisbee golf at the awesome Marmaduke Park. At least three lakes in town you can fish or take a small boat out on!  So much to find on you don’t need an ocean to surf in Nevada, Missouri if you check out the page, so get on-line and enjoy the waves!