For the rest of the summer we will be celebrating "The Eat Where? Days" For Friday June 14, Jenny's California Cafe has been selected! Please make it a priority to support the local restaurants with a little extra priority than usual this summer! Our town wants to grow, and this is how we do it. Nevada Missouri is OFFICIALLY OPEN TODAY!!!! See you at Jenny's today, then tomorrow another great place! We will keep 'em coming all summer long! Take a photo every day and post it to your Facebook profile pic each day, make sure to sign in, or come up with your own original ways of sharing your experience at these great places, starting today at Jenny's California Cafe located on the East side of the Nevada, MO Square!!! Yesterday was Daylight Donuts and More!!! Tomorrow, who knows?

  “Dangerous” Doug Harper is well on his way to arriving at his dream of film making, and putting Nevada Missouri just a little closer to Hollywood. “I already have worked so hard, and I will now have to perform at my own fundraiser” Harper told Kathy Johnson, owner of Take a Break Java Den, in a planning meeting for the fundraiser event that will be held at her establishment on Friday June 29, 2012. It was decided that there would be FREE admission to allow attendees to donate to the cause or support by making a purchase that night, as a portion of the sales will go to help fund Harpers movie production endeavors.  Harper also insists that “this will be one of the most exciting fundraiser events you could possibly attend this year”, and that “It’s not about my anything, I’m doing this for the future of our town. I have came this far, but money has became an obstacle, I hope together we can shake it up a bit and get back on track. Timing is everything right now”. Everyone that supports the event will be listed in the credits of the move, i.e. your name, or your business, or organization name, in a special thank you section. “It’s easy to donate, aportion of all Java Den sales the night of the event are going to the movie project”  Harper closed. The event concert and movie short screening will be held from 6-10pm with the main event from 7:30-8:30pm. It is a come and go occasion so people are welcomed to donate, and are not asked to stay the whole time if they would like to just drop in. Donations will also be accepted at any time during regular business hours at the Java Den before and after the event until August 1, 2012. An overview schedule will be available on the Java Den Facebook page at